From Bites of Summer.
Jane Rayburn
The Detroit News, August 1, 1996

Q: I've been hearing a lot about a new wave of cooking called "Med-rim." What is it, please, where can I find it, and what is zahtar pie, anyway?

A: Look at a map of the Mediterranean; find North Africa, Turkey, Syria and Egypt. The food of the "Med-rim" countries isn't new - it's been around since Methuselah. Literally. It's just gotten trendy, with a trendier name that's all. For an ethereal, Med-rim experience, drop into New Yasmeen Bakery in Dearborn. It's not so much a bakery as it's emporium of

sensory overload. Bricks of exotic white cheese like hallomi and nabalsi, Puff-pillows of broccoli, cheese and spinach pie. The heady aromas of lahmajoun, another pie, this one filled with lamb, tomatoes and onion. And, of course, the remarkable zahtar pie.

Zahtar is a pungent, extremely aromatic mix of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac, a reddish powder that, when it touches your tongue, imparts a citrus flavor. At New Yasmeen, zahtar is spread thickly on nine-inch, pizza-like pies and baked in large ovens right behind the counter. Hot from the oven, oozing olive oil and spices, the entire zahtar experience will set you back 60 cents. Yes, 60 cents.

Devour this slice of heaven on the run or at one of the bakery's 35 tables.

13900 W. Warren, Dearborn; (313) 582-6035.

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